Book is coming - Winter 2019


Book is coming - Winter 2019

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You have finally arrived at our web site.

this is the only website that teaches you

how to grow sprouts almost anywhere,

your kitchen, your car, RV, or your 


                     My new Book

     Professor Sprouts Complete  Guide

               To Organic Fast Food

   contains dozens of healthy recipes

for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts. 

Also included are smoothies, salads snacks,

munchies and more

The book is available on

in E-Book  and print format from


Exercise Video

I start My day with 1008 exercises which takes about 15 minutes. I 've been doing these since age 12 just after waking up while still in my bed, each and every day.

You  can see them on you tube

"Professor sprouts morning exercises 1008"

Main topics of the Book

10 simple ways to save 20-40% on food bills.

Create high protein super foods anywhere.

Enjoy the freedom of being self reliant.

Grow super foods in your kitchen, your car, RV or backpack.

Know the top 10 super foods

Know which foods are most vital for little money.

Prepare nourishing, healthy meals in minutes.

Nourish your body, mind and spirit.

Tune in to your higher self first thing each morning

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